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When learning online first took off nearly two decades ago, one of the big attractions was paperless grading:
Students could send work to Moodle and the teacher could feedback without exhausting their supply of pens or straining their back carrying weighty dissertations. Nowadays, even the smallest LMS-lite includes assessment features, but Moodle still leads the way in both the wide-ranging options available and the sound educational basis behind them:

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Your feedback will help focus future developments.
In order to direct Moodle’s future development efforts, we would like to gain a better understanding of which plugins are really getting used by the Moodle community. To let us know, complete the plugins survey.
It only takes 5 minutes
Simply follow the link to the plugins survey, provide some basic information about your school/institution/business and select which plugins you are currently using. You may need to refer to information on your Moodle site in order to complete the survey.
Your feedback matters
Your feedback will help Moodle to evaluate the plugins in Moodle core and identify areas of future development. By completing the survey you will help Moodle and the Moodle community by driving development efforts in the right direction.
Moodle Tip!
Moodle Tip: Just starting with your new Moodle site?
Read our Guide for new administrators

If you are receiving this newsletter then you have most likely already registered your Moodle site. Thanks! You can spot your Moodle site on the list of registered sites in your country (if you opted to have it listed).

Registered sites paint a picture of how Moodle is used worldwide. The aggregated anonymous data collected from registered sites is used to publish the statistics of the worldwide community. These statistics help in our decision-making on new features and plugins.

When you register your Moodle site, you will automatically be informed about upgrades and alerted to security issues.

So registering is a win-win for you as well as for us.

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Tell your friends to register!

It is estimated that less than 10% of Moodle sites are registered. That means that approximately 90% of Moodle sites are unregistered! It is really important that we spread the word about registration. Encouraging anyone you know with a Moodle site to register is the first step.

  • Registration is simple: login as as an administrator and go to Administration > Site administration > Registration. If you’re not the admin, ask your site admin nicely to check!

  • Is my site registered? If the site is registered, an administrator will see a notice at the top of the screen in Administration > Site administration > Registration informing them of the registration date.

Rest easy. We don’t share your information with anyone. We don’t go into your site. The information remains completely private and the data is not made public on any site listing.

So it’s up to you, the Moodle community, to go forth and spread the word. Let us know by tweeting @moodle if you or someone you know has just registered their Moodle site!

So Moodle is completely free of finanacial obligation; however many people across our community have donated to our project to help it continue to grow and improve. If you love Moodle and want to contribute to the Moodle project, please make a donation.
Upcoming MOOC
Teaching with Moodle: An introduction

This free course is designed for anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching, whether it be in a school, a university, a company or just personal interest!

The four-week course is also a great opportunity to connect with the vibrant Moodle community dedicated to sharing resources, ideas and anything that could help inspire better teaching practices everywhere.

Teaching with Moodle: An introduction will be starting on 17 January 2016. Sign up now at Learn.moodle.net!


Moodle Mobile 2.3 Release

  • Forum posting: Users can create new discussions and reply to existing ones.
  • Choice: Users can now delete responses
  • Site notes cannot been seen from app
  • Date handling and formatting

  • Notifications for deleted sites are not shown

  • Big images and videos are now scaled

  • Scaled images can be viewed at full size

  • Errors can be reported in background (configurable)

Upcoming MoodleMoots

There are plenty of chances to meet with other Moodlers in person in October at a MoodleMoot:
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Montreal, Quebec, 20-23 October (#mootca15)

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Mallorca, Spain, 22-24 October (#mootes15)
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Western Balkans and Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia, 24 October

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